What do we mean by Lumps and Bumps?

Mr McArthur has extensive experience of removing a wide range of lumps and bumps that occur under the skin (subcutaneous lesions). Most of these lumps and bumps are not sinister and can include lipomas (fatty lumps) and various cysts. However, occasionally the underlying cause can be serious, and therefore it is recommended that, should you detect a new lump or bump, you seek medical attention. Depending on the cause, lumps and bumps can be asymptomatic (other than the patient feeling a lump under the skin), or they can present with pain, discomfort or discharge.

If you detect a new lump or bump under the skin, please feel free to contact us at the number below. The appointment will be made over the following few days and will allow you to have your mind put at ease should the cause be innocent, or to receive surgical treatment should this be required.

Increasingly due to funding restrictions in the NHS, procedures for innocent lumps and bumps are declined as hey are deemed Procedures of Limited Clinical Value.

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