Affordable surgery for self pay patients

More and more people are opting to self-fund private outpatient consultations and surgical treatments. Our clinic accepts patients who do not have private medical insurance.

People often find that the costs are less than they imagined and private medical care offers a prompt and efficient option at a time that suits you.

Payment for consultations can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Fixed Price Quotes - Should a self pay patient wish to go ahead with any treatment, investigation or surgery a fixed price quote can be given, which will include the consultants’ fee. Payment for this will need to be made prior to any treatment.

Basic costs are outlined below:

Initial consultation (20 mins)


Long consultation / second opinion (40 mins)


Follow up consultation (10 mins)


Follow up long consultation / second opinion (20 mins)


While consultation fees are fixed, prices for treatment will depend on the extent and complexity of the surgery. We undertake to keep patients informed of costs throughout and we are able to offer fixed price quotes for most procedures


Inguinal hernia repair

From £4,250

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

From £5,435

Bilateral inguinal hernia repair

From £5,970

Laparoscopic recurrent inguinal hernia repair

From £5,670

Ventral / incisional hernia repair with mesh

From £5,305

Laparoscopic parastomal hernia repair

From £5,830

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy

From £15,750

Total mesorectal excision

From £18,300


From £2,780

Laparoscopic anterior resection

From £20,220

Laparoscopic APER

From £20,220

Pelvic exenteration

From £19,710

Laparoscopic colostomy formation

From £10,960

Reversal of ileostomy

From £11,010

Laying open of fistula in ano

From £3,950

Operation for high fistula in ano

From £5,010

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

From £1,990

Excision of anal skin tag

From £2,620


Prior to your initial consultation, following referral from your GP, you will need to gain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company. Dependent on your policy, the consultation fees should be covered by your insurance. Please check your policy as some policies do state that consultations do have to be paid for by the patient. Please also check whether there is an excess or part-share on your policy.

Following your initial consultation, your consultant’s PA will be in contact with you to agree a date for any further follow up appointments, treatments, investigations or surgery. During this discussion you will be given any coding and fees to reflect the respective procedure and to quote to your insurance company.

The majority of insurance companies do settle our fees in full. However, it is necessary during the pre-authorisation process to discuss the fees with your insurer in case of a shortfall. The patient is liable for the shortfall.


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