"I went to see Mr David McArthur, as I was experiencing abdominal pain and change in my bowel movements.

Mr McArthur immediately put me at my ease and was very professional and thorough. After a full examination he recommended a Colonoscopy, which he would be performing himself. Once again Mr McArthur made the whole procedure as stress free as possible, suggesting sedation to make me feel more comfortable, and explained what was happening as he went along, making sure I was ok and understood everything.

When I went to see Mr McArthur for my follow up appointment, he advised that they had found nothing, but because I was still experiencing the same problems, he recommended a CT scan just to make sure and to put my mind at rest. The scan did not show anything either and my symptoms have been put down to IBS, which I will be able to manage myself.

I cannot praise Mr McArthur enough, for his professionalism, the way he explains everything to you, so you know what is happening, and why it is happening and the way he puts you at your ease, making everything as stress free as possible."

Mrs I



"I was extremely nervous as I was not sure what to expect, but I needn’t have worried, as from the moment I entered the treatment room I was put at ease by Mr McArthur and the nurse.

The process was explained fully and after an examination I was told that, thankfully, my haemorrhoids were treatable. I decided to proceed to treatment with eXroid. The procedure was uncomfortable at times but not painful. I had 2 internal and 1 external haemorrhoids treated and it only lasted about 20 minutes. I was able to leave straight away with absolutely no discomfort, the first time in years that I have felt pain free. The results are fantastic and even if I need a follow up appointment for further treatment on the external haemorrhoid, which at the moment seems to have disappeared completely, I would have no hesitation at all in going back."

Mrs W.E.

eXroid Treatment


"It was quite a shock when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and required major surgery.

However after a consultation with Mr McArthur, I was convinced that I was in good hands. So it proved to be. I had the operation a few days before my 78th birthday. That I made a remarkable recovery and was ready to leave hospital three days later was entirely due to the surgical skills and care of Mr McArthur and the team.


Bowel Cancer

Solihull 2019

"Having suffered with Haemorrhoids for some time I initially sought some help from a different consultant, who on reflection was not as well versed in modern clinical techniques as Mr McArthur and had recommended treatment of a radical nature, I was not happy with that diagnosis. So, after doing a little research I went to I made an appointment to see him.

After a thorough examination I was advised that the rather drastic treatment that I had been previously advised to have was clearly not necessary and that I would be an ideal candidate for the Rafaelo treatment- a new and much less invasive procedure - would be right for me. I have to say I was much relieved at that news and had the treatment done a few weeks later. The treatment itself was conducted as a day patient, there was no need for general anaesthetic just sedation. The whole procedure was over in under an hour and after a brief rest I was allowed to go home. There was very little discomfort or pain and the problem seems to be fully resolved.

Throughout the treatment Mr McArthur kept me informed and reassured which made the procedure much less stressful. I was back at work in a few days.

f you find yourself with a problem like mine I would thoroughly recommend Mr McArthur as one of the best and most up to date practitioners in the area; and a consultant who really looks after his patients. ."


Rafaelo Treatment

Birmingham 2019.

"Brilliant! What a relief to be in the hands of caring, competent professionals when in need of an operation.

Friendly reception, informative consultation from my surgeon David McArthur and a relaxing pre-op

On the day of my surgery, smiles and light hearted banter from the nurses, surgeon and anaesthetist, whilst efficiently doing the serious bits before my operation.

Aftercare before discharge was excellent. Thank you.


Solihull 2019

"I went to see Mr McArthur about an umbilical hernia. After a brief chat, he put my mind at ease that he could do the operation, he explained in every detail what he would be doing, how it was done, at a time and day to suit me. I went in his office a bit worried, I left not worried at all, which put my mind at rest.

On the day of the operation I arrived at the hospital at 7.30, he came to see me straight away and made me confident and looking forward to getting it done. I woke up after the operation, and all had gone well. After a week I looked at what he had done, it was so neat and perfect. I would say if you need this operation I would fully recommend Mr McArthur as a person and doctor to do the operation. After 6 weeks he checked me over and said he was happy with the operation he performed. He wrote several letters to my doctor explaining what work he had carried out on me. To sum it up, from start to finish, Mr McArthur made everything run smooth. Thank you."


Umbilical Hernia

Birmingham 2019.