Pelvic Exenteration / sacrectomy

Pelvic exenteration / sacrectomy

Mr McArthur accepts tertiary referrals for patient with advanced and recurrent rectal cancer. Surgery for these conditions often entails the removal of not only the rectum, but also adjacent structures that the cancer is invading.

  1. Pelvic exenteration. During this operation, the entire contents of the pelvis are removed. This includes the rectum, the bladder, and in women the uterus and ovaries. Patients are given a permanent colostomy for the bowel contents, whilst the urine is collected via another stoma called a urostomy.
  2. Sacrectomy. In certain suitable cases when the tumour invades the lower part of the spine (sacrum), this can be removed along with the rectum.

These major operations are often undertaken in conjunction with other specialist surgeons, such as urologists, gynaecologists, orthopaedic and plastic surgeons.


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